Assistant Professor of Economics
Southern Methodist University


I am an assistant professor at the economics department of Southern Methodist University. My research focuses on enforcement issues of environmental policy and public finance.  

I obtained my Ph.D. in economics at Toulouse School of Economics, and worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. Before my Ph.D., I worked at the environmental consultancy Trinomics and the state government of São Paulo.  

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Virtual Reality and Forest Conservation Behaviors: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Brazil
(With Sanchayan Banerjee) [submitted]

Algorithms and Bureaucrats: Evidence from Tax Audit Selection in Senegal
(With Pierre Bachas, Anne Brockmeyer, Bassirou Sarr) | RCT registry here | Blog post

Indigenous Deterrence and Tropical Deforestation: Evidence from Historical Indigenous Extinctions
(with Bruno Barsanetti) [submitted]

Amazon Deforestation: Drivers, Damages, and Policies

Satellites and fines: Using Monitoring to Target Inspections of Deforestation

Optimal (double) taxation with tax evasion and firm growth 


Measuring the Impact of Restoration Incentives on Forest Cover and Water Quality: Evidence from a Large-Scale PES in Brazil   
(With Jennifer Alix-Garcia and Katharine Sims)

Using Satellite Data to Improve the Enforcement of Waste Dump Regulation in Peru
(With Manuel Barron and Cesar Huaroto)

Reducing Discretion in the Assignment of  Enforcement Cases: Evidence from Environmental Inspections in Peru
(With Cesar Huaroto)

Policy reports

The impact of COVID-19 on formal companies in Senegal (in French), World Bank Practice Notes, 2020
(With Pierre Bachas, Anne Brockmeyer, Bassirou Sarr and Camille Semelet)

Green infrastructure and flood management. European Environmental Agency, 2017
(With Gorm Dige, Lisa Eichler, Jurgen Vermeulen, Koen Rademaekers, Veronique Adreanssens, Dagna Kolaszewka) 

Selecting indicators to measure energy poverty. European Commission, 2016
(With Koen Rademaekers, Jessica Yearwood, Steve Pye, Ian Hamilton, Paolo Agnolucci, Nataliya Anisimova)  

Study in support of the mid-term evaluation of the functioning and the implementation of Council Directive 2009/119/EC on Oil Stocks. European Commission, 2016.
(With Nick van der Lijn, Rob Williams, Jurgen Vermeulen)

The Brazilian housing deficit remains high (in Portuguese), Conjuntura da Construção, June 2016
(With Ana Maria Castelo)

The profile of civil construction workers in Brazil (in Portuguese), Conjuntura da Construção, March 2015
(With Ana Maria Castelo)

Indicator shows improvement in housing supply (in Portuguese), Conjuntura da Construção, May 2013
(With Ana Maria Castelo and Robson Gonçalves)

An incomplete recovery in the construction sector (in Portuguese), Conjuntura da Construção, May 2012
(With Roberto Aragão and Robson Gonçalves)


Why we should break the government's monopoly over vaccine distribution (in Portuguese), 3 February 2021, Gazeta do Povo

Fiscal Policies in emerging countries as  a response to the COVID-19 crisis, 10 November 2020, BSI Economics

Interview with CNN Brazil about the French report on the EU-Mercosur trade agreement (in Portuguese), 25 September 2020, CNN Brazil

Three government tasks in Brazil, 4 February 2020, BSI Economics

The unanimity rule is not a piece of decoration (in Portuguese), 30 April 2015, Valor Econômico

Collective costs and private benefits in tax competition (in Portuguese), 5 March 2015, Valor Econômico

Bad news from Switzerland (in Portuguese), 21 February 2014, Valor Econômico

Inflation is running too high (in Portuguese), 12 February 2014, Valor Econômico (with Samy Dana)

I am also a co-founder and occasional writer at the economics website Terraço Econômico (in Portuguese). My articles can be found here.